The Melvins "Psycho-delic Haze"

The Melvins 'Psycho-delic Haze'
Longtime sludgesters the the Melvins are once again reinventing themselves with a new lineup. This year has already seen the act deliver their The Bulls and The Bees EP in their four-piece, double-drummer lineup, and the slightly softened Freak Puke album as Melvins Lite. Now members Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover have hooked up with their old bassist Mike Dillard under the chronologically accurate Melvins 1983 moniker.

This version of the band already has a ten-inch lined up, and you can check out EP opener "Psycho-delic Haze" in the clip down below.

As can be expected, the Stone Age stomper overwhelms listeners with molasses-slow Sabbath-style riffs, and deftly pounded beats courtesy of Crover. Osborne also delivers some screeching, dive-bomb accents and assorted guitar noise throughout the track.

Both the ten-inch and CD versions of the release, simply titled 1983, will be available on the group's monstrous 51 shows in 51 days U.S. tour.


1. Psycho-delic Haze

2. Stick em Up Bitch

3. Stump Farmers

4. Walters Lips