Mayday Parade Tales Told by Dead Friends

This catchy fun sound comes straight out of Florida in a fashion a lot of bands you know have done: take the best of two popular local bands and make one band ready to take on the world. The six-member strong band from the home state of Disney World have done something completely out of the ordinary though; most bands dream of being signed, while these hardworking boys have managed to sell over 10,000 of this EP with absolutely zero label support behind them or bankrolling their commercially manufactured sound. This is exactly who they are and the music they make, and on their stint with the Vans Warped Tour, it became obvious that their sound was well liked, and have built up a modern day musicians following with the help of MySpace. Although the technology era has helped them get exposure, it’s the layered vocals, clean harmonies and mature musical dynamics that have garnered them such a fan base already. This EP is the start of something big, without a doubt. (Fearless)