Mary Lattimore Hundreds of Days

Mary Lattimore Hundreds of Days
After moving from her longtime home of Philadelphia to Los Angeles, harpist Mary Lattimore accepted an artist residency on the coast of her new state, spending her time writing and recording what would become her latest LP, Hundreds of Days.
Inspired by the move from her former home and shaped by her eagerness to learn new instruments, Lattimore's third LP is centrally based on the act of discovery. Listening to this seven-track/50-minute LP, it's clear that Lattimore has written Hundreds of Days with a sense of internal exploration, as tracks like "Never Saw Him Again" and "Baltic Birch" ebb and flow through sonic terrains.
The album's 12-minute opening track, "It Feels Like Floating," beautifully blends Mary's classically tinged harp plucking with waves of vocals. "Hello From the Edge of the Earth" sees Lattimore accenting cascading electronic hums with her harp, crafting an otherworldly sound that seems miles away from chamber music. "On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale" utilizes sparse piano and layers of synth to craft something dreamy and textural.
What makes Hundreds of Days Such a engrossing listen lies in the way Mary Lattimore flawlessly combines both mood and mode. (Ghostly International)