Havoc in Quebec City

BY Bill WhishPublished Oct 23, 2008

Although the majority of Martyr’s fan base is within their home province of Quebec, the tech metal masters sometime manage to get to other parts of Canada once and a while, playing mid-sized bars or opening for more popular acts. The more people that experience this band live, the more their incredible musical talent gets spread by word of mouth. Luckily, there is now some video evidence of the compete insanity that is a Martyr set. Havoc in Quebec City is not the band’s first venture into releasing live material (a live album surfaced several years back) but with their first DVD, the band go all out, both in terms of production and performance. Havoc, which features a diverse selection of tracks from all three of their studio albums, also delivers worthy production for a band that require such precision. The production and sound quality are still nothing to write home about but every flurry of snare hits resonates with great clarity and the twin guitar fury permeates in beautiful digital destruction. The bonus features are plentiful as well. Included amongst them is an hour-long "making of” documentary (and for all us monolingual Canadians, there are English subtitles!), which also chronicles the history of the band. A couple bonus live tracks are also added to the already plentiful selection. All together, this is an incredible collection of some of the highest quality metal one can watch, and is not only essential for any fan of the band but will certainly catch the ears and eyes of many other death metal fans who have yet to catch wind of the cyclone that is Martyr!

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