​Marlaena Moore Central United Church, Calgary AB, June 22

​Marlaena Moore Central United Church, Calgary AB, June 22
Photo: Steve Louie
Edmonton's Marlaena Moore played a refined yet emotionally open set at Central United Church last night (June 22). Armed with a backing band consisting of a guitarist, drummer, bassist and gifted pianist, Moore charmed the audience despite her evident nerves.
The arresting "Gaze," from last month's release of the same name, opened the set. Its tense guitars complemented Moore's lyrics: "Push and pull, twist and shove, show me what you're made of." "24 Hour Drugstore" showed off Moore and the band's downtempo, bluesy side, and her awkward stage banter was endearing as she expressed regret at having worn a suit under hot stage lights and asked if it was okay to sing a song about masturbation ("Feel It") in the church (she did).
In the short months since Moore's performance at SoundOff, her Calgarian fans witnessed true growth in her artistry and performance. Moore is growing into her eccentricities, and her music is all the more engaging for it.