Marie Davidson Menz Bar, Halifax NS, May 27

Marie Davidson Menz Bar, Halifax NS, May 27
Photo: Steve Louie
After nearly two full nights of musical acts offering various examples of tearing sound apart, up stepped Marie Davidson to the Menz Bar stage to show how it could be put back together again.
With a table of machines and pedals at her disposal, the Montreal-based electronic artist gave this year's OBEY Convention its first full-blown dance party Friday night (May 27). With a thunderous low end, her minimalist, propulsive beats and pulses had the crowd moving pretty much from the first beat, with momentum building and growing through the late-night set. Noise and sonic chaos was kept to a minimum; an almost clinical sense of order reigned, and reigned mightily, with each new sound added to the mix slotting perfectly in its place.
Frequently grabbing the microphone to add vocals (in both French and English), Davidson is an engaging performer. On record, like 2014's Un Autre Voyage, there's a cinematic iciness that, while compelling, does keep the listener at a bit of a distance. Live, Davidson bounces around the stage with an infectious smile, her hands dashing and diving in time with the various twists and turns she's weaving into her songs. Even if the sound itself wasn't often overwhelming (in the best of ways), it was hard not to get caught up in Davidson's performance.