Malcom Jack "Inner Circles"

Malcom Jack 'Inner Circles'
Malcolm Jack has offered us plenty of personal insight over the years, whether performing with pop rockers Sun Wizard, politicized expressionists Dada Plan or on his own. He's now giving us a good look at his psyche via an extended jam called "Inner Circles."

The nearly half-hour piece is a psychedelic trip built around pastoral acoustic strums and Jack's musings on love and devotion, and a life occasionally misspent ("I'm goin' knowin' I took more than what I gave"). Added to the piece are an ambient trickle of water, Ashleigh Bell's miasma of flute, and some hillside harp sounds from Elisa Thorn.

You can hear Jack's pulled-apart audio portrait below, while the songwriter officially celebrates the cassette and CD release of Inner Circles this Friday (September 16) with a show at Vancouver's China Cloud venue.