Dada Plan "Over When You Die"

Dada Plan 'Over When You Die'
Following work in Capitol 6 and as a solo artist, Malcolm Biddle (a.k.a. Malcolm Jack) is set to introduce us to his new Vancouver art rock ensemble Dada Plan. The outfit are set to release their debut full-length A Dada Plan Is Free later this month, and to give you an idea of what to expect, they've premiered the new track "Over When You Die."

A press release suggests these guys are pulling ideas from influences as disparate as M83, Roxy Music and Hieroglyphics. While it's hard to hear all of that in this track, it's certainly an interesting work as hazy atmospherics, outsider synths and pulsing percussion make for one moody pop song.

Listen to "Over When You Die" below.

A Dada Plan Is Free will be available on October 23 and will be celebrated with a release show at Vancouver's Biltmore that same night. Along with Malcolm Biddle, the band includes Dave Biddle (saxophones), Matt Krysko (synths), Colin Cowan (bowed, upright, and electric bass) and Justin Williams (congas). The album itself was also recorded by Vancouver sound hero Josh Wells (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust, Destroyer).