Dada Plan "The Madness Hides" (video)

Dada Plan 'The Madness Hides' (video)
Vancouver art rock experimentalists Dada Plan are going to self-release their second vinyl-only album in as many years on Saturday (April 25). The Madness Hides was recorded by themselves in their studio on an 8-track tape machine, featuring nine original songs and an interpretation of a Bill Bissett poem. It is being pressed in a limited edition run of 500 hand numbered pieces, to be sold at a day-long free show at famed Vancouver experimental music venue, Western Front. Before then, though, the enigmatic outfit have given Exclaim! the premiere of the video for the album's title track.

The video for "The Madness Hides" was produced by Dave Biddle and Matt Krysko. The woozy, sax-laden track captures a kind of early '80s demented pop sound you might expect from XTC or David Byrne & Brian Eno, but paired with lyrics that speak to the goofiness and instant gratification of our contemporary digital age. The video features appearances by the serious face emoticon, the OSX update reminder, Facebook like button, and other familiar computer ephemera, layered among shots of the band dancing with a trails echoing their movements, all smothered in VHS saturation.

Like with their first album, the lineup for The Madness Hides features former Capitol 6 frontman Malcolm Biddle on words, Matt Krysko on synths, Dave Biddle on saxophone, Colin Cowan on bass, and Justin Williams on congas, with additional help from Johnny de Courcy, Josh Wells, Willie Thrasher, Johnny Payne, Dave Beckingham, Jenn Bojm, Ashleigh Ball and Rob Butterfield. 

Malcolm explains, "The album is a reflection of 'profile culture,' where madness hides under the surface. Listen to it once — hear a pop record, listen to it thrice — fear a pop record. The Madness Hides in plain sight."

Hit up their album release party, and check out the video below.