Magneta Lane "Burn" (video)

Magneta Lane 'Burn' (video)
Earlier this year, Toronto rock outfit Magneta Lane returned with a new EP, Witchrock, and now they've rolled out a music video for the collection's opening track, "Burn."

The clip for this sinisterly heavy rocker shows the band performing behind a wall of flames while a child fights back against pop culture stereotypes.

Lead singer Lexi Valentine said in a statement, "The whole concept behind the video is basically talking about how media affects young people in today's world. We've become very passionate about this issue, and especially when it comes to the influence of media on young girls. The more we sit and think about what we digest on a daily basis and the examples we get out there — the more we believe it's important to be your own role models. So much information is getting pushed down our throats and doesn't necessarily relate to any of us in a realistic sense. It doesn't matter how young you are — we want people to challenge what you see, to ask questions. For teenage girls, they need to know they all have great potential and to never settle for less or for being a version of something else. Never give in. You are your own greatest example — so know your worth."

Watch the clip below.