Magneta Lane

'Witchrock' (EP stream)

> > Feb 05 2013

Magneta Lane - 'Witchrock' (EP stream)
By Alex HudsonWhen the women of Magneta Lane composed their latest EP, they decided that the music was so difficult to classify that it needed a new genre of its own — hence the title, Witchrock. The four-song collection is out on February 12 through eOne Music, and you can check it out now on

So what does Witchrock sound like? Well, opener "Burn" moves from a spooky chug to blazingly distorted choruses, while "Good For" and "Leave the Light On" add some atmosphere to the band's nocturnal rock, and "Lucky" is a more upbeat pop number.

Singer Lexi Valentine said in a statement, "What do we even call this? What genre is this? Is it rock? Is it alternative? Is it pop? We decided to make our own genre because we couldn't figure out where we fit. We decided it sounds kind of witchy. People have said that to us before. Maybe it's because we're three girls. Maybe it's something worse, I don't know. Or care at this point."

Witchrock was produced by Finger Eleven members Rick Jackett and James Black at Toronto's Coalition Studios. It will reportedly be followed by a new full-length, which Magneta Lane are currently in the process of recording.

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Nice job!!! I look forward to the full-length!
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Keep it up!
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Love it! You ladies rock! Already know most of the lyrics
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