Maggie Rogers Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, April 17

Maggie Rogers Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, April 17
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
For her first time visiting Vancouver, pop darling Maggie Rogers played to the packed Commodore Ballroom like it was a homecoming. The crowd was ready, squeezed in tight and ready to burst with excitement. It was like seeing a slingshot pulled back to its limit, and when Rogers came out wearing a futuristic shiny silver blouse to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" the elastic band let loose and the crowd erupted, sending their fervent energy right back to the stage.
Rogers commanded that stage with a passion, only ever stopping her personal dance party for a few seconds in between songs to take in the audience's excitement. Rogers introduced each song not by name, but by theme and the emotions she infused into them during the process of creation. Her voice was absolutely breathtaking, and harnessed a power unique to breakout talents such as her. Even with such an outstanding ability, she remained humbled by the crowd's response.
Her performance of hit song "Alaska" was an standout. Running back stage to return wearing a cowboy hat with a maple leaf on the front, and Melanie Faye donning a pink fuzzy cowboy hat of her own. Faye added her signature fuzzy distorted guitar riffs to an otherwise clean pop hit, adding another dimension that had the Commodore dancing as hard as they could. The crowd took over when it came to "Give a Little," singing at the top of their lungs, overwhelming Rogers' already powerful voice and making the song their own.
Rogers' voice is unlike any other pop singer around right now. Without a backing vocal track, sounding even better on stage than recorded, her voice exploded across the room like a cannonball. She showcased the peak of her abilities during the encore when she came back out on stage alone, silhouetted instruments behind her; a single spotlight isolating her on stage conjured a moment of intimacy. The audience fell silent as she sang, freezing everyone in place to appreciate and absorb the undeniable beauty of her vocal ability.
Maggie Rogers make her mark during her first visit to Vancouver and received nothing but love in return. An outstanding and exciting performance from an artist so early in their career is something to celebrate and inspires optimism for what's to come next from the budding pop performer.