Macc & dgoHn Some Shit Saaink

Live drummer Robert "Macc" Macciochi and audio engineer John (otherwise spelled "dgoHn") Cunnane have been twiddling knobs and releasing vinyl together for half a decade. After some label shifting, their long-awaited debut album has finally settled on Aphex Twin's Rephlex, set to provide precisely the breath of fresh air drum & bass needs in 2010. Some Shit Saaink is the genesis of the jazzy, organic sounds heard during the origin of the genre (only replacing the Akai sampler with fresh, intuitive percussion) and the glossy menace of its contemporary form ― the darkness that is often taken to the most obvious, easy and overly repetitive places by mainstream club panderers like Pendulum. As expected, Macc's tweaked skills on the kit are at the forefront of the mix, presenting a humanized sound that is every bit as intricate and ballsy as the pulsing, alien atmospheres and resonating bass behind it. Granted, Some Shit Saaink isn't technically original, but while jungle founders Photek, Roni Size and Goldie have been content presenting watered-down versions of their former selves for almost a decade, Macc & dgoHn are remarkable for their commitment to supremely intelligent, timeless drum & bass. (Rephlex)