LUKA "Your Dream" / "Pauses of the Night" (performance video)

LUKA 'Your Dream' / 'Pauses of the Night' (performance video)
Canadian singer-songwriter and former Broken Bricks leader LUKA (a.k.a. Luke Kuplowsky) is set to follow up last year's Calling All Cats Black with his new LP Summon Up a Monkey King, and has got the premiere of his brand new video.

The clip features a live performance of previously unreleased cut "Your Dream," as well as his latest single "Pauses of the Night." The video was directed by Melissa Richards and features Kuplowsky with his nylon-stringed guitar in a cozy living room, sitting by a window and delivering the romantic ballads.

"Rather than be caught in the immediacy of longing and loss, I wanted this album to be more reflective," said Kuplowsky in a recent press release for the forthcoming album. "Songs of love and loss are approached with a sense of distance, allowing humour and optimism to penetrate their often melancholy subject matter. Conceptually, I see the album as a conversation, as the songs rarely seem to have a full stop: they ask questions and leave answers lingering."

LUKA's upcoming gigs are listed below. Scroll past the dates to watch him perform "Your Dream" and "Pauses of the Night" in the video below.

Tour dates:

11/29 Toronto, ON - Holy Oak (with Anamai, Our Founders)
12/05 London, ON - VibraFusion (with Ada Dahli, Julie Arsenault)
12/16 Toronto, ON - Gladstone Hotel (with Stacey, Day Wilson)