Lost Miles Davis Album 'Rubberband' to Be Released

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 13, 2019

Months after the announcement Miles Davis' complete Birth of the Cool sessions would see release, an abandoned album from the iconic trumpeter has now been teed up for release.

In the fall of 1985, Davis was at work on a full-length titled Rubberband, only to have the effort shelved as he moved from his longtime label home at Columbia Records to Warner Bros. Records. He would go on to make his debut on the latter label with 1986's Tutu.

Now, Rubberband will see release in its entirety on September 6 through Rhino. The album was completed by original producers Randy Hall and Zane Giles, alongside Davis' nephew Vince Wilburn Jr. who played drums during the album's original sessions.

Eleven tracks in length, Rubberband will feature contributions from Hall, Ledisi and Lalah Hathaway. The opening track, "Rubberband of Life," saw release as part of a Record Store Day exclusive EP last year. You can hear that below.


1. Rubberband of Life (ft. Ledisi)
2. This Is It
3. Paradise
4. So Emotional (ft. Lalah Hathaway)
5. Give It Up
6. Maze
7. Carnival Time
8. I Love What We Make Together (ft. Randy Hall)
9. See I See
10. Echoes in Time/The Wrinkle
11. Rubberband

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