Noel Gallagher Calls Liam Gallagher a "Coward," Puts Oasis Reunion Rumours to Rest

The brothers can't stop feuding

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished May 24, 2023

Over the weekend, British tabloid The Sun dropped a bombshell: an Oasis reunion was supposedly in the works. The Gallagher brothers were allegedly planning to bury the hatchet and rock the stage together for a four-night extravaganza in 2025 — but their latest feud seems to rule out the possibility.

Noel Gallagher appeared on talkSport radio and was asked about the possibility of a reunion; he seemed open to the idea but remained skeptical: "Well, I put it out there. [Liam] won't call… I mean, he should call me, because he's like, he's forever going on about it," Noel said in the interview. "You'd have thought by now, he'd have some kind of plan…"

"He won't speak to me, he's a coward," he continued. "So he should get some of his people, his agent, to call my people and say, 'Look, this is what we're thinking.' And then we'll have a conversation about it. Until then, he's being a little bit disingenuous."

Liam Gallagher swiftly took to Twitter to voice his rebuttal: "I don't wish AIDS on people I turn up and play the MUSIC for the people of MANCHESTER who have just had a terror attack while you sit on your dingy sipping champagne and you got the audacity to call me a COWARD sit down you 🛎 end." See the tweet below.

When a fan suggested the reunion was never going to happen, Liam replied, "he's full of shit he HATES oasis fans doesn't mind them buying his records."

So it seems the Gallagher brothers are still dancing to their own tunes, with the promise of an Oasis reunion looking more and more elusive. 

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