Lily Allen's New Album Gets Title, Release Date

Lily Allen's New Album Gets Title, Release Date
A few months ago, British pop diva Lily Allen was blaming her label, EMI, for the delays surrounding her long-anticipated sophomore effort. Fortunately, the finger-pointing can come to a halt, as the album has received a title, track-listing and release date.

Allen’s second album will hit North American shelves on February tenth and will be preceded by lead single "The Fear” in January. The album was initially thought to be titled Stuck On The Naughty Step but will instead bear the cheeky moniker It’s Not Me, It’s You. The playful wordplay comes to an end with the album’s eighth track, aggressively titled "Fuck You.”

Allen is in the midst of preparing a large world tour for 2009.

It’s Not Me, It’s You tracklisting:

1. "Everyone's at It”
2. "The Fear”
3. "It's Not Fair”
4. "22”
5. "I Could Say”
6. "Go Back to the Start”
7. "Never Gonna Happen”
8. "Fuck You”
9. "Who'd've Known”
10. "Chinese”
11. "Him”
12. "He Wasn't There”

Lily Allen "Everyone’s At It”