TD Mainstage, Saskatoon SK, July 3

Photo: Alexandria Pavelich

BY Rory MacLeanPublished Jul 4, 2015

They chanted for her in anticipation.
"Lights! Lights! Lights!"
If pop music is about channelling energy, this was a good place to start. She hit the stage with the thumping "Peace Sign," from her 2011 record Siberia.
"I think I'm with the right people here. This is good," she said. Fans were out in full force, with about 300 packed onto the dance floor by the end. The audience definitely skewed younger than for many of the other main stage headliners, and they were at her command. They clapped, they jumped and they sang along at her beck and call.
But it wasn't a one-way street. The charismatic queen of Canadian bubblegum pop performed with abundant energy. She bounced around stage, working it from end to end like a pro. She'd return to centre stage to slam on her synths.
"You guys aren't tired right? Cause we're gonna dance," she said, as the band started into "Timing is Everything," also from Siberia.
After three or four more they left the stage. The audience begged for an encore, and she obliged with another Siberia cut, "Banner."

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