Lightning Bolt Set to Release New Album in October

Lightning Bolt Set to Release New Album in October
It might be a good idea to avoid loud music for the next few months. That way, when Rhode Island bass-and-drums duo Lightning Bolt release their latest insanely loud audio assault this October, your eardrums will be ready for a beating.

Titled Earthly Delights, the band's fourth album is due from Load Records on October 13. Lightning Bolt announced the record via MySpace last week, where they said it was "destined to be leaked onto the internet by......hmmm. take a guess, maybe august 31? early september? you tell me. but i think the art of this one is good. get the LP!"

A press release explains that the album comes after Lightning Bolt decided to scrap two entire albums' worth of material. It goes on to describe the sound, saying, "Taking the lessons of extreme metal, blood brother marrying them to expansive and explosive song from and applying it to Olympic training methods - Earthly Delights uses electric stimulus to shock smile technology to worldwide domes." We're not sure what that means, but it does sound kind of awesome.

The album will be released on triple-gatefold vinyl, CD and as a digital download.

Earthly Delights:

1. "Sound Guardians"

2. "Nation of Boar"

3. "Colossus"

4. "The Sublime Freak"

5. "Flooded Chamber"

6. "Funny Farm"

7. "Rain on Lake I'm Swimming In"

8. "S.O.S."

9. "Transmissionary"