Lightning Bolt "King Candy"

Lightning Bolt 'King Candy'
As previously reported, noise rock duo Lightning Bolt are set to drop an odds 'n' sods collection of practice-space recordings called Oblivion Hunter, and the outfit have issued a sneak peek of the set via a stream of album track "King Candy."

The song fits Lightning Bolt's general M.O., with drummer Brian Chippendale delivering some spazzed-out and skittery beats and muffled vocal squawks through a telephone-receiver microphone. Bassist Brian Gibson lays down a flurry of fuzzed-out bass lines that tread melodious waters before being processed through a digital whammy pedal.

As previously noted, this version of the tune is presented in "a way that we haven't been able to capture since." You can check out the results down below.

Oblivion Hunter drops September 25 through Load, though you can catch Lightning Bolt blasting out the hits on tour starting this week. They'll hit Vancouver's Fortune Sound Club on September 7.