Library Voices' Michael Scott Dawson Branches Out with Debut Solo Album

Hear "All the Things This Isn't" from his new ambient effort 'Nowhere, Middle Of'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 30, 2020

While we haven't heard from Regina's Library Voices in quite some time, the band's Michael Scott Dawson has readied his debut solo album. The record is called Nowhere, Middle Of, and it will arrive on October 16 via We Are Busy Bodies. Right now, though, you can get a taste of the full-fledged ambient effort with the newly shared "All the Things This Isn't."

The album was mastered by ambient hero and frequent Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborator Taylor Deupree, and it finds Dawson finally returning to music after he was forced to take a break. In 2017, he suffered from unexpected bout of vertigo — something that had a profound impact on the resulting album.

"The thought of working on music felt impossible," he recalled in a statement. "Some days even listening to music felt impossible."

But after his symptoms began to recede, he began to look at music in a new way, finding a new love for "close listening" and "the resonant qualities of everyday objects," a press release explains. "I knew I wanted to rely as much on scotch tape as a computer," Dawson said, with the album going on to include not only the sounds of synths but recordings of old guitars, bicycles, cassettes, public art and pianos.

For a taste of what's in store, you can hear the newly shared teaser track "All the Things This Isn't" below.


Nowhere, Middle Of:

1. Superheaven
2. Quality of Hope
3. London, 4AM
4. Dead Horse
5. Red Tape Factory
6. All The Things This Isn't
7. Estevan Skyline
8. The Fox Sisters
9. The Imperfectionist

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