Liars "Brats" (Cadence Weapon remix)

Liars 'Brats' (Cadence Weapon remix)
Post-pop experimenters Liars dropped a weird-ass CGI video for WIXIW tune "Brats" earlier in the summer, and now the group have offered up a variation of the song as remixed by Canadian rap hero and former tourmate Cadence Weapon. While the original featured a sweaty four-on-the-floor disco pulse, Rollie Pemberton switches things up by adding a ton of distortion to lead Liar Angus Andrew's skewed vocals and slowing the first half of the track down to an icy clap beat imbued with electronic gunfire and cracked cymbal crashes.

Things start to sizzle, though, when Cadence Weapon decides to chime in with a verse, with a quick spit-and-grunt section from the Montreal-based poet surfacing above deep bass drops and a double-time clack.

You can check it out below.