Lewis' 'Love Ain't No Mystery' Gets Cassette Release

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 29, 2014

In August, we learned a little more about elusive Canadian songwriter Lewis when yet another album called Love Ain't No Mystery emerged online. By that point, Light in the Attic had already announced that it wouldn't be pressing any more of his albums, and now another imprint is stepping up to fill the void: Summersteps Records will issue Love Ain't No Mystery on cassette on Halloween (October 31).

This pressing boosts the 12-song tracklist of the prior digital release up to 15 tracks. The Pennsylvania label will be pressing these on 100 golden yellow tapes, which are available to pre-order on Bandcamp for $7.

The expanded tracklist is below, while the slightly modified artwork — which uses the same photo, minus the slightly cheesy font — is above. At the bottom of the page, hear the newly unveiled cuts "I Come from Texas" and "Fountains." These are both ultra-minimal acoustic folk tracks on which Lewis' mushy-mouthed vibrato mostly drowns out his quiet acoustic plucking. (The latter comes via Stereogum.)

Interestingly, it seems that this album is being reissued under the name Lewis, although it was originally released under the moniker Randy Duke. It was made in the late '90s and early 2000s at Fiasco Bros. Recording Studios just outside of Vancouver.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for Lewis' album Hawaiian Breeze to make its way online.

Love Ain't No Mystery:

1. Heartbreak
2. Ain't No Mystery
3. It's a Frail Thing
4. My Love Has Gone Away
5. I Was Not Shy
6. You Just Break My Heart
7. I'm Losing You
8. It Will Never Go Away
9. I Come from Texas
10. The Strangest Thing
11. Every Tear Drop
12. Wrapped Around My Heart
13. My Good Shepherd
14. Fountains
15. Sweet Sugar Cane

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