LeBron James Is Getting into Vinyl with a Vintage Canadian Stereo

Who will help the NBA icon restore his Clairtone G2?
LeBron James Is Getting into Vinyl with a Vintage Canadian Stereo
LeBron James made his move into Hollywood with this year's Space Jam 2, but his love of music — from being A&R of a 2 Chainz album, to getting Kendrick Lamar to deliver untitled unmastered. — should not be forgotten about. Now, the NBA icon is entering the world high fidelity audio with an eye-catching vintage Canadian stereo.

On Twitter yesterday (November 15), James shared a photo of the stereo setup seen below, a mid-century modern design marvel complete with spherical speakers, turntable, amplifier and record holder, all mounted on a single pedestal. James wrote of his find, "Purchased this vintage record(vinyl) player for the crib! Absolutely love it but it needs to be restored!" In putting the call out to Los Angeles gearheads in hopes of getting it fixed up, James revealed that the unit is a Clairtone G2, a hi-fi system designed and manufactured in Canada by the Clairtone Sound Corporation.

Founded in Toronto in 1958 by Peter Munk and David Gilmour, Clairtone sought to bring together Canadian-built hi-fi components with Scandinavian design. The Clairtone G2 — a smaller, sleeker version of the Project G system that had already impressed the likes of Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, and Frank Sinatra — was launched in 1966 at a price of $950. Of course, the "G" refers to the unit's "globe" speakers, which can be removed from the cabinet depending on the layout of one's listening room.

While it's unclear how much James shelled out for his Clairtone G2, a 2019 sales listing shows that a unit in Ottawa that had been purchased at Toronto's Bay Bloor Radio in 1969 sold for $13,500.

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Learn more about the Clairtone G2 below.