Le Couleur "Voyage Amoureux" (video)

Le Couleur 'Voyage Amoureux' (video)
Last week, we showed you a video for Camera Obscura's British sci-fi homage "Troublemaker," but it appears the Scottish quintet weren't the only ones getting space-y in recent months, as Montreal's Le Couleur have just shared with us another faux-futuristic clip, this time for "Voyage Amoureux" off their recent Voyage Love EP.

Watch as the Francophone act get groovy in the cosmos, laying down their distinctly disco-inspired cuts in this Barbarella-aping clip, which director Julien Manaud explains was shot entirely with an iPhone on a tight $600 budget.

"Our goal was to make a cheap disco sci-fi video," he says. "I think it's what it is."

See if their work paid off by watching the video in the player below.