Lacuna Coil Detail 'Broken Crown Halo'

Lacuna Coil Detail 'Broken Crown Halo'
Earlier this month, long-running Italian metal outfit Lacuna Coil announced that they were all set to follow-up 2012's Dark Adrenaline with a new LP called Broken Crown Halo. Now, the band have let loose a few more details on the regally titled record.

The band's seventh studio effort is due April 1 through Century Media Records. The band explained in a statement that the album was tracked in an "age-old studio in Milan" full of vintage gear with producer Jay Baumgardner (Sevendust, Evanescence) and engineer Kyle Hoffmann (P.O.D., Bush). Apparently the record is inspired by old Italian horror movie scores, the work of Goblin and "the fresh and rough sounds of the modern world."

Samples from the set have yet to arrive, but it includes tracks with names like "Zombies," "Die & Rise," "Victims" and "In the End I Feel Alive." You'll see the tracklisting down below.

According to the act, they went through a series of personal issues and changes over the last year, all of which informing their latest album. With that in mind, Broken Crown Halo is described as "a dark vision of a near future when survival is second nature, and failure is not something to be avoided, but rather cultivated with lessons learned along the way."

The band added: "What conflict could run so deep that it takes you to the deepest corners of your inner world? Today we are surrounded by a lot of lies, aliases, and people acting like they are wearing an invisible crown — but you better have thick skin if you want to wear this crown!"

Up above you'll find the aesthetically pleasing though reasonably uncomfortable metal crown that serves as the cover art.

Lacuna Coil will be supporting their latest record this February with a batch of U.S. tour dates as part of the "Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour," which also includes Sick Puppies, Eyes Set To Kill, and Cilver. There aren't any Canadian dates, but you can check out the info over here.

  Broken Crown Halo:

1. Nothing Stands In Our Way
2. Zombies
3. Hostage To The Light
4. Victims
5. Die & Rise
6. I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
7. Cybersleep
8. Infection
9. I Burn In You
10. In The End I Feel Alive
11. On Cold Day