Kylie Minogue Showgirl

The true showgirl of the pop world, Kylie's been doing it longer than most of her fans have been alive and this concert DVD gives an inside look at the lavish stage show of the pint-sized Australian pop queen. Filmed at Earl's Court in London only a week before she revealed news of her breast cancer, Showgirl is a grandiose production that encapsulates her entire glowing career on her hits tour. All of her best songs — "Slow," "Confide in Me" and even "Where the Wild Roses Grow" — are performed in a number of glamorous outfits on a stage that would make U2 balk. A bonus "Behind the Feathers" doc reveals just how massive the show is while giving a sense of just how down to earth and un-diva-like the beautiful star really is. (Parlophone/EMI)