Kvelertak "Evig Vandrar" (video)

Kvelertak 'Evig Vandrar' (video)
European outfit Kvelertak are back with another video to support their Meir LP, this time with a sandy, sci-fi animated clip that looks as if it were ripped straight from the pages of Heavy Metal.

Scored by the scorchin' hard rock licks of "Evig Vandrar," the video displays a group of Tusken Raider types pumping oil from the cheddar cheese-coloured soil with their rhythmically inclined machinery. The resource-sucking job seems to be going just great until a sallow-faced wanderer walks by to show off his own energy plan.

You can peep the turbo-charged showdown, as conceived by director Torjus Førre Erfjord, in the clip player below.

As previously reported, Kvelertak will embark on a North American tour this fall after wrapping up some European dates. You can see all the stop here.