Knut Bastardiser

Originally recorded in 1997 and released on European label Chrome Saint Magnus, Knut's Bastardiser finally sees a proper North American release, courtesy of the Hydra Head empire. To even conceive of Knut's level of auditory abuse after three years of distillation is a terrifying prospect, one that will be unleashed with a new EP this summer, as Bastardiser simply pummels and plows through its nine songs. Mid-paced, methodical, viscous, even at its quickest tempos, Knut isn't far removed from Hydra Head defectors Cattlepress, hatecore heroes 16 or even the almighty Isis, in parts, but is possessed of a different mindset, less cerebral more visceral, and employs a more death metal oriented slant, especially vocally, even if they never reaches death metal's frenetic pace. Musically, Bastardiser buffets and batters, with no respite and even less remorse, keeping it slow-to-mid-tempo, grinding and forever moving exhaustively forward. "Crawling On All Fours" establishes Knut's unyielding modus operandi, with its pummelling rhythms, metallic base and death-inspired vocals conflicting with its shifting tempos, distorted drum and bass segments, and crushingly heavy riffs. But while "Crawling..." may be the most hazardous track, there are some other equally disturbing endeavours, such as the quicker tempo and whirling distortion of "The Whip," the Melvins-like drone of "Crouch" and the unerring hostility of "Wiped Out." Considering that Knut has had over three years to refine their sound, their next release could very well herald the apocalypse. (Hydra Head)