The Knife

Ready To Lose/Stay Out Here Remixes

BY Vincent PollardPublished Dec 5, 2014

To mark the end of their mammoth and ambitious performance art-inspired tour in support of 2013's Shaking The Habitual, the Knife are releasing one more versions EP to see out the year. Comprised of three versions of "Stay Out Here" and one for "Ready To Lose," Ready To Lose/Stay Out Here Remixes seems a bit lopsided as an EP. Berlin-based DJ Tama Sumo takes the reins for "Ready To Lose" with a remix that is more an interpretation than straight remix, doubling the track length with added vocal parts and a nice Roland bounce and handclaps. Chants of "Get ready to lose a privilege" and "Rearranging of desires" recall another Knife collaborator and Berlin resident, Planningtorock.

Leeds, UK-based DJ and educator Paula Temple does the opposite with "Stay Out Here"; by heavily distorting the vocals and shortening the track by half, Temple turns the obtuse, arty track into a stripped-down techno banger. The highlight of the EP, however, is Temple's manic seven-minute "Percussion Remix," which keeps the vocals at the forefront while retaining her trademark energetic, aggressive stamp. The EP is rounded off by a fairly functional remix from German techno artist Kane Roth. These are great remixes to have for dropping the Knife into a techno set, but they won't be on repeat play in place of the originals.

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