Kitty Pryde "Orion's Belt" (ft. Riff Raff) (video)

Kitty Pryde 'Orion's Belt' (ft. Riff Raff) (video)
Coming off last week's freebie mixtape Haha, I'm Sorry, Floridian teen rapper Kitty Pryde has unveiled a new carnival-themed video for EP track "Orion's Belt."

Filmed at Daytona Beach by director Jason Miller, the clip finds Pryde and frizzy-haired spitter Riff Raff trading verses from hotel rooms and midway grounds. The pair get some killer, air-brushed tees, hang out on the boardwalk, ride go-karts and preserve their "besties" moment with a picture.

As for the track, Pryde spits softly and slyly atop Beautiful Lou's hazy clap beat about being the rap game's Taylor Swift. "Wheee, I can rap," she muses self-deprecatingly on the hook.

You can peep the video down below.