Kitty Pryde "Dead Island" (video)

Kitty Pryde 'Dead Island' (video)
Despite describing herself as the rap game pest, Kitty Pryde left a good impression with us on her Haha, I'm Sorry tape. The teen rapper is apparently ready to show us what she has in store for an encore and has dropped a new tune called "Dead Island," which serves as the first preview of her upcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage mixtape.

Pryde premiered the song in a video today (January 7). While the clip has the rapper languidly lounging underneath a glitzy chandelier, and the track features an ethereal wash of cotton-mouthed vocal ticks and Dimetapp-drip synth clips, Pryde speedily spits venom throughout the cut ("You don't know why all the boys flock to me? Bitch, draw your eyebrows on, then talk to me").

As for who supplied the gorgeous production, Pryde tweeted that "it's some random butthead who told me if i wanted to use his song id have to rip it off soundcloud myself so i did. fuck him." You may, however, notice that it sounds like a super-slowed down and tweaked take on Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor."

D.A.I.S.Y. Rage is expected to drop in full later this month.