Kitty Pryde "Okay Cupid" (video)

Kitty Pryde 'Okay Cupid' (video)
The blogosphere is currently going gaga over Daytona Beach, FL teen rapper Kitty Pryde, and her new video for previously dropped number "Okay Cupid" will no doubt get more onboard with the underage spitter.

The video finds Kitty Pryde and a couple friends cruising garage sales and pounding PBRs in her bedroom around an open MacBook and some pictures of the Biebs. All the while, Beautiful Lou's beat delivers synth wobbles and drum pad clacks that perfectly score Pryde's laissez-fair flow, which lays out her feelings for a bad-boy crush. "Shorty, You're a 10 / And I'll wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 a.m. / I love them," she spits softly on the hook.

Check it out below.