Kittie Until the End

Let’s put it in perspective for a minute here: sure, Kittie may be some kind of mainstream nu-metal act, but the latest Hellfest-aspiring bands act a lot more watered-down and ready to kiss ass than Kittie does. Kittie should not be dismissed for all the wrong reasons. "Until the End” starts off with a surprisingly cool and monstrously heavy sludge riff that would make the cretins in Eyehategod proud, before lurching into the band’s heavy mid-tempo metal. A cheap nu-metal feel isn’t anywhere near this thing, which is further proof that these gals mean business. The mix of clean singing and nasty growling works well, but the uneven, blocky production isn’t too comforting. Bowing to no trends, Kittie have reached further into underground metal to bring up this cool collection of tunes that is pleasantly surprising. And while this one doesn’t really hold you through the whole thing, the next album could be deadly. (Artemis)