King Louie "In Love Wit Canada"

King Louie 'In Love Wit Canada'
Just about the best darn hip-hop tribute to the Great White North we've heard since Riff Raff's "Air Canada," drill master King Louie's latest single is a salute to our home and native land in which he explains why he's "In Love Wit Canada."

A simple two-chord boom and various sparkling effects from DJ L are what supports Lou's list of likes across the country. As he tells it, he's totally into the Canucks that offer up free drugs, the bad b's in Montreal, and the apparently hair-fetishizing scene in Ottawa that line up to lick his locks? Also a plus: our currency's rainbow assortment of bills ("I'm so in love with that Canada money, them colourful bandz").

Louie likewise proclaims that Canada is in love with the King. If you're inclined to agree, you're probably already streaming the Chicago rapper's new song down below.