Kid Rock Had to Be Told to Wear a Mask at the Presidential Debate

But then he just wore it like a chin diaper anyway
Kid Rock Had to Be Told to Wear a Mask at the Presidential Debate
No stranger to COVID denial, MAGA chud Kid Rock was spotted at last night's presidential debate with pro golfer John Daly entering the arena without a mask. Both men were told to put on some fresh PPE by a staffer upon seating โ€” a rule the pair promptly broke.

At the final showdown last night (October 22) in Nashville between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Kid and Daly appeared to have bonded over their shared ignorance about the disease (among other issues), pausing their mask-wearing in the arena to take a cursed selfie.

At one point, Rock did manage to figure out how to put the mask on at least part of his face, TMZ reports. Images from the event show the butt rocker wearing a surgical mask over his mouth for at least some period of time โ€” just not over his nose.

You'd think after his buddy Trump contracted the disease earlier this month, he'd have more sensitivity around the issue, but alas...

Kid Rock's behaviour comes as no surprise, considering his historic resistance to obey coronavirus safety regulations. Over the summer, his Big Ass Honky Tonk and Rock & Roll Steakhouse was repeatedly cited for violating gathering infractions, resulting in the loss of the bar's beer permit at one point and full closureย of the venue at another.

See some snaps from the debate below.