Karneef Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26

Karneef Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 26
Photo: Steve Louie
Karneef brought his unique brand of dance-y, electrified grooves to l'Esco. No stranger to POP (though, he noted, he had a little trouble showing up the last time he was booked) here he was playing with a new band.
The new lineup was made up of a more conventional arrangement of guitar, bass and drums. They're still figuring each other out, but the crowd quickly warmed up to the unpretentious set. Karneef stood in the middle, strumming his guitar and tapping his controller every so often as he nodded to his bandmates — bringing in jazzy guitar solos over porn-groove rhythms.
As a multi-instrumentalist on record with an evolving live band, Karneef's sound is always shifting — from glitchy and electronic to warm and funky. But the mad scientist vibe that comes out on his records was more subdued at this show. Here, it was more about holding down the groove, a bar band with some tricks up their sleeves.