Karneef "When You're Forced to Move On"

Karneef 'When You're Forced to Move On'
Experimental Montreal-based musician Karneef is revving up to release his latest LP I'm Phoof at the end of the month, and Exclaim! is giving you an early introduction to the new material with the premiere of "When You're Forced to Move On."
The track serves as the album's opener, kicking off the new set with off-kilter electro-pop vibes. Delightfully weird, the song showcases both Karneef's eclectic, elastic vocals and his knack for unusual rhythms and instrumentation. Synths bleep and bloop atop intriguingly odd percussive noises, making for a rhythmic rollercoaster of a listen.
You can hop on and take the new tune for a ride in the player below. I'm Phoof will be self-released by Karneef on June 30.