Karneef "So Trippy" / "Love Between Us"

Karneef 'So Trippy' / 'Love Between Us'
Montreal-based soul singer Karneef's been busy at work on his debut LP, Love Between Us, but now the galactic impresario has shared two new cuts to hold listeners over until its release.

Recorded with bassist Hansford Rowe (Mike Oldfield, Gong) and drummer Max Lazich, first track "So Trippy" (featuring Cadence Weapon) perfectly melds Jaco Pastorius bass grooves with Frank Zappa harmonies, while the title track shows off his tender side with atmospheric riffing, flamenco guitars and sensual vocals.

An official release date has to be confirmed, but look out for Karneef's debut LP on Club Roll Music by the end of the summer.