Kardinal Offishall Husslin'

Even though his stock continues to rise, Kardinal Offishall is not, if this release is anything to go by, resting on his laurels. With his production improving in leaps and bounds, Kardinal takes on the role of an underdog and pushes himself to some of his best work. Opening with "Mic T.H.U.G.S," Kardinal rips two verses. The first creatively lays down his resume through the eyes of a spectator while the second features consistently clever wordplay. Even though this beat is a definite head-nodder, the dub rhythm that infuses "Husslin’" will rattle your speakers, effortlessly merging dancehall and hip-hop stylings while his charismatic delivery and presence expound on methods of survival. Changing the pace up is the hilarious "U R Ghetto When," produced by Saukrates. Here Kardinal indulges in the art of the dozens serving up priceless lyrical couplets. With Husslin, Kardinal achieves the dodgy balance of progressing as an artist while maintaining and increasing his burgeoning appeal. (Figure IV/Page/Oasis) (Figure IV)