Kanye West Wants Danny McBride to Play Him in a Movie

Kanye West Wants Danny McBride to Play Him in a Movie
Danny McBride photo by Gage Skidmore
Danny McBride is quite a little quote machine this week. While promoting his new HBO show Righteous Gemstones, he revealed the Halloween series won't end with Halloween Ends. Now, he's revealed something even more fascinating: Kanye West wants McBride to play him in a movie.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, McBride explained that Yeezy asked him to star in a biopic about his life.

"He had an idea for a project, which I think is a pretty brilliant idea. He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life, and he wanted me to play him," McBride said. "So I thought it was a cool enough idea to be like, 'Yeah, I'd love to hang out and talk about it.' So, he came down [to Charleston], we hung out, went out on a boat, and just talked."

After their hang, West came over to McBride's house and watched his son play Fortnite. What a lovely little day!

It's unclear if the film will ever actually take place, though we'd absolutely love to see it. Meanwhile, Jaden Smith is set to play Kanye in a new Showtime series.

Watch Danny McBride describe his day with Kanye below.