Kanye West Teases New Album 'Yandhi'

He's also further teased an album with Chance the Rapper
Kanye West Teases New Album 'Yandhi'
Lately, Kanye West seems to be spending an excessive amount of time glued to Twitter, teasing new music in between hawking merch and apologizing to Drake. Now, the incessant posting has led to the announcement of yet another new project from West.

After a day of teasers, West has revealed a new effort titled Yandhi will arrive on September 29. Its artwork (seen above) is strikingly similar to that of 2013's Yeezus, leading many to dub the impending release as that album's sequel. Yandhi's artwork features a MiniDisc as opposed to a CD-ROM.

Not long after being announced as the musical guest on SNL's 44th season premiere earlier today, West shared a modified version of the show's announcement card image, showing his name rewritten as "Yandhi." Soon after, he shared the image of the MiniDisc. The hype train was fully set in motion with some additional posts from G.O.O.D. Music engineer Adam Wolpert and Def Jam Records. Kanye then revealed Yandhi's release date in another screengrab of his iPhone messages. On Monday evening, West also appeared a Chicago open mic event to reveal he was working with Chance the Rapper on another album titled Good Ass Job. West had previously revealed that title as one he had never used.
West released his latest solo album ye earlier this year, in addition to putting out records with Kid CudiTeyana Taylor and Nas. He also recently teamed up with Lil Pump.