Kanye West and Jay-Z Expand Watch the Throne into Full-length Album

Kanye West and Jay-Z Expand <i>Watch the Throne</i> into Full-length Album
Currently, it feels like not a day goes by without a major new Kanye West announcement. As the rapper gears up to drop his much-hyped new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he's already looking to his next release – a full-length collaboration with Jay-Z.

We already knew that Kanye and Jay-Z were working on a record called Watch the Throne. That release was originally slated to be an EP, but the rappers' partnership is apparently going so well that it has now been expanded to an LP.

"We're putting out a whole album now," West told MTV. "We have done five [songs] so far, and a few of them were out there and then I put them on my album – sorry Jay! But we got some more and we're going to the south of France at the end of this month just to record new ideas."

He added, "We'll probably be done with the album in like a day or whatever." This was probably a joke, but with Kanye, you never know.

Meanwhile, West's new "Runaway" film is now online, and we have less than a month until My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's November 22 release day.