Kanye West Arrested After Attacking TMZ Cameramen

Kanye West Arrested After Attacking TMZ Cameramen
Well, it seems Kanye West has had his fill of those "Flashing Lights.” The rapper and his assistant were arrested today (September 11) at Los Angeles International Airport, according to gossip site TMZ, after getting into a scrap with a photographer and a cameraman.

In the airport’s American Airlines terminal, Kanye allegedly confronted a commercial photographer, who was snapping pics of the star, and smashed his camera, which according to the Associated Press was worth more than $10,000, by throwing it to the ground. A TMZ cameraman videotaped the alternation between the two, leading Kanye's assistant reportedly grabbed and smashed that camera to the ground as well.

TMZ reports that when the celeb realized their cameraman had taped the initial confrontation, Kanye "lunged toward him” and said, "Gimme me the fucking videotape.” At this point, police had to restrain Kanye as he rushed towards the cameraman.

Kanye and his assistant will be charged with felony vandalism, according to TMZ, and perhaps more importantly, the website says they have a videotape of the confrontation and have now posted it to their site (view below).

Kanye has not commented about the incident on his blog today, but he’s somehow found the time to post more than ten entries on the site. Perhaps the police were kind enough to provide wi-fi access as they were booking him, or just maybe ...