Kanye West "I Am A God" (live at Governers Ball)

Kanye West 'I Am A God' (live at Governers Ball)
On June 18 (or whenever it ends up leaking), Kanye West's long-awaited Yeezus LP will undoubtedly be the biggest event album in a year of event albums. Still, we've yet to hear a proper studio quality recording from the album. Tonight's no different, but we do have a live performance of the fist-pumper "I Am A God."

Taking the stage at New York's Governers Ball Music Festival, Yeezus performed a bunch of new material. Among the tracks was the long-awaited "I Am A God," the long-awaited and potentially controversial banger that sees the rapper's God complex taken to its most logical extreme.

Check out some high-quality footage of the track below. Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.