​Kamasi Washington Unveils 'Harmony of Difference' EP, Shares "Truth" Short Film

​Kamasi Washington Unveils 'Harmony of Difference' EP, Shares 'Truth' Short Film
Kamasi Washington has revealed plans for his first release since 2015's acclaimed album The Epic. The avant-garde jazz talent will put out an EP titled Harmony of Difference this summer via Young Turks.
It's a six-movement musical suite that premiered earlier this year at the Whitney Biennial, complete with an accompanying film by director A.G. Rojas and artwork by Washington's sister, Amani Washington.
The first five movements stand as unique compositions, while the sixth and final one fuses the previous five into a one simultaneous performance piece. The same approach was taken by Amani, who created five pieces featuring raw shapes and colours to accompany the first five movements, then combined elements from each of those to create a final sixth painting that revealed an abstract human face.
The film also picks up on the theme of harmony, depicting the quiet co-existence of beautifully unique people in South Central and East Los Angeles.
"My hope is that witnessing the beautiful harmony created by merging different musical melodies will help people realize the beauty in our own differences," Washington said in a statement about the project.
Today (April 12), he's shared that sixth and final movement from Harmony of Difference. It's titled "Truth," and you can watch its accompanying 15-minute Rojas-helmed short film down below.