Got It Made

BY A. HarmonyPublished Feb 28, 2020

Record label drama, personal loss and creative blocks have placed more than a few obstacles in Kamaiyah's way since her acclaimed 2016 debut, A Good Night in the Ghetto. Though she has stumbled personally and musically in the years that followed, she finds stability on her latest project, Got It Made
Here, Kamaiyah offers a polished, more mature version of herself, showcasing facets of her personality in measured doses. She serves level-headed wisdom on autobiographical cuts like "Pressure" and "10 Toes High," joie de vivre on rousing anthems like "1-800-IM-Horny" (featuring Bay Area legend Too $hort), and fury on "Set It Up" (featuring veteran rapper Trina). She sounds like a practiced version of the Kamaiyah we heard on Good Night, and this is both to her benefit and detriment.
She's mastered her style over the years, but doesn't seem to have pushed herself to evolve. She sticks to smooth, but predictable production and verses that, while fun, seem to quickly fade in the memory. Got It Made is enjoyable, but plays it too safe.
(GRND.WRK / Empire)

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