K-os: "I'm not Making Any More Albums"

K-os: 'I'm not Making Any More Albums'
Lately, more and more artists are expressing their disenchantment with the LP format. Last October, Sufjan Stevens told Exclaim!, "I feel that the album no longer has a stronghold or has any real bearing anymore." Similarly, Thom Yorke said that writing full-length albums had "become a real drag," and suggested that Radiohead would be taking a break from the medium.

Now, Canadian rap icon K-os has made a similar claim, telling MuchMusic, "I'm not going to make any more albums."

K-os went on to add, "I think with Lil Wayne and our dude Drake, it's showing you don't have to make an album."

However, despite his claim that he's finished making albums, the rapper doesn't plan on slowing down his recording pace anytime soon. "I think we're just going to drop singles for a couple years and see what happens. If those singles are successful, maybe put out a compilation of the ones that people like and call it an album, like what Elvis and the Beatles did."

This singles-only approach, he explained, will help him to release new material at a quicker pace. "I kinda just want to stay immediate," he said. "So the next thing I do is probably maybe a single a month with a video then another single with a video and keep it current."

Based on this statement, fans can probably expect K-os to start releasing new tracks sometime soon. Of course, previous LP-naysayers Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead later admitted that they were planning new albums, so we'll see how long K-os sticks to his guns.