Justin Nozuka You I Wind Land and Sea

This young crooner has a lot of soul in him, and he's here to profess that on this album. On his sophomore piece of work, following 2007's Holly and now 21, the Torontonian plays both storyteller and confidant, as he's out in the world, experiencing things for you. Most of the album is all about love and its angles. Nozuka has become the heart-warmer rather than the heartbreaker. But another point of the record is how he tackles tales of destiny and realization, which you might not catch upon first listen. For example, "Carried You" is all about two enemies who are in battle, but end up in a peaceful resolution. The album is a good effort, but, at times, it feels a little stale or he pushes his voice too close to the Jason Mraz limit, but it's got some touching, soulful moments. (Coalition)