Justice Unveil 'Audio, Video, Disco'

Justice Unveil 'Audio, Video, Disco'
What a difference a day makes. Though even just yesterday (August 8), following a leaked live clip of a new track, we were left guessing when celebrated French house outfit Justice were going to drop their next LP. Now, however, the duo have now given up some serious details. Justice's next full-length is called Audio, Video, Disco and it comes out in October 25.

A press release for the group explains that Audio, Video, Disco, their follow-up to 2007's Grammy-nominated †, broadens the horizons of the Parisian pair, blending out some of the club culture with a heavier rock feel. The result is said to combine the "musical vocabulary of rock and electronic to conjure a laid-back, agricultural effort existing on the fringes of pop."

Created at their home studio, the album also found the group performing all the instrumentation on their own, reportedly learning how to play some new instruments along the way. The troupe are joined, however, by a few guest vocalists throughout the album. Diamond Nights singer Morgan Phalen pipes in on "Newlands" and "On 'n' On," Midnight Juggernauts vocalist Vincenzi Vendetta drops by for "Ohio," and that's Ali Love on the previously revealed banger "Civilization."

Audio, Video, Disco will arrive via Ed Banger/Because/Elektra. You can check the tracklisting below.

Audio, Video, Disco:

1. "Horsepower"
2. "Civilization"
3. "Ohio"
4. "Canon (Primo)"
5. "Canon"
6. "On 'n' On"
7. "Brianvision"
8. "Parade"
9. "Newlands"
10. "Helix"
11. "Audio, Video, Disco"